Powerful Seawater for the Body & Mind

Quinton Hypertonic and Isotonic —  seawater liquid mineral supplements — are harvested from pure, protected plankton-rich blooms. They provide raw, nutrient-rich marine water from the coast of France.

Following biologist Rene Quinton protocols established in 1887, the ocean water is cold micro-filtered to the highest purity, maintaining the healing properties innate to seawater. One dose of bioavailable Quinton will send your cells up to 78 minerals and trace elements.

Many people lack essential necessary minerals which compromises healthy cellular function. Re-mineralization through seawater works to replenish this vast internal biological terrain; bathing cells in mineral-rich fluids. These minerals help regulate the transport of nutrients and waste products to and from every tissue and organ of the body.

A daily dose of mineralized water can replenish electrolytes and balance hydration. Customers regularly report exceptional effects, including feeling less tired, increased energy, and healthy metabolism. The powerful trace minerals in seawater can also impact your body in other ways, helping to support:

  • Gentle daily detoxification
  • Better sleep
  • Cellular immune support
  • Relaxed nervous system & better brain function.
  • Protein synthesis & normal muscle function
  • Electrolyte balance & normal energy metabolism
  • Healthy bones & teeth