I have been a Traditional Asian Medicine Doctor for the past 15 years of my life, practicing holistic medicine, herbal & nutritional supplements, nutrition, shiatsu, and acupuncture. My practice has seen many changes over the course of my career and I know with certainty that holistic natural medicines were made available to heal us.

I am happy to share my inventory of what works for me. I am passionate about all things health and wellness. I am so grateful that I have been a part of so many people's lives. Patients have touched my heart in many ways and I would like to believe that I have touched theirs as well. Thank you for sharing your experiences over the years.

I am a big believer in natural medicine and natural ways to heal the body, mind and spirit. I know that when you care for the spirit of another person's soul, you can help them to heal. It has been amazing to witness miracles and positive transformations.

Whatever ails you or brought you to this page, KNOW that you have what it takes to be WELL. 

Norma Wolters

"I would highly recommend Dr. Muriel Okubo to anyone interested in acupuncture in general or Japanese acupuncture in particular. Both my son and I have found Japanese acupuncture to be much better than any other type. I found Dr. Okubo to be very professional, proficient, interested and motivated to find a solution for the patient's particular problem. Dr. Okubo has a very pleasant personality and explains everything fully."

Susan Falcone 

"I heard a lot about acupuncture and always wanted to go.  I read an article in the Herald in February about Muriel Okubo and tucked it away.  When I had a re-occuring SI injury flare up, I called for an appointment to see her.  She is a lovely, thorough and very knowledgeable woman.  She put me at ease immediately, showing me all the tools that she could/would use.  Muriel delved into all aspects of my life.  I’m a healthy person who does ballet and yoga classes throughout the week, but was very frustrated that this injury from 4 years ago was not healing.  I was having some hot flashes.  Having lost both my parents in the last few years’ at young ages I thought that I was finally coping pretty well.

My first treatment I had needles from my neck down my back into my hands and feet.  Jokingly I said that my children would like to know if she could make me nicer and not yell at them so that they don’t have to do their chores (hahaha).  She asked if I could get quite upset.  I said yes, I could be quite nasty.  Muriel said that she could help with that.  When I picked up my daughter (age 13) at school she looked at me and asked what was going on???  You are so calm Mom!!!!  This was 2 hours after my first treatment.  I’ve had five treatments so far and am TOTALLY AMAZED.  Muriel has given me back my life.  I’m happy all the time.  When I do get angry with my kids my anger never spills over the cup and it is gone quickly instead of lingering.  These are other things that I have noticed: my sleep is incredible, I don’t have panic attack’s in the day or night, I don’t get anxious about getting places and can go to new places without being nervous anymore, I have day’s of no pain and most of the hot flashes are gone as well.  My kid’s and my husband have noticed a big difference in me.  I’ve noticed a huge difference in how I handle things.  I have recommended Muriel to ballet teachers, yoga people, friends and even my physician.

I went to see Muriel for my SI pain and she has given me so much more.  I highly recommend her and would not hesitate to send my husband and my children for visits.  Muriel told me that acupuncture was like peeling layers off an onion, and that is what she is doing for me.  Like I said Muriel has given me back my life, and I am so thankful and joyful about it."

"The reason I am writing this note is that I want others to receive similar treatments for their aches, pains and injuries, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, to have your whole body and state of mind operate at the highest POSSIBLE level.  I first saw Muriel for professional help 2 weeks ago.  I have had a lower back problem, from a wrestling injury, for over 40 years, and have had work done, over that time, by several professionals from doctor to chiropractor, to little or no avail.  Recently my lower back was so bad I could not stay up for more than an hour, so was away from work for at least a week before. Even with my brace, I could not function.  Thanks to Muriel, my back is now 100%. I was able to clean the oven and mow the lawn the same day, without any pain after only five treatments – and NO BRACE.
- No feeling from the needles – you seldom even feel them 
- Muriel observes and works with you the WHOLE session – IS THERE FOR YOU
- She treats the entire body, resulting in a total feeling of “well being"
- Muriel is entirely concerned with getting you to 100% total health
- And having you maintain your peak health and well being, preventing old injuries from returning.
This allows me to have a most happy and enjoyable life as a senior.  Aside from her professional expertise, the best I have experienced, Muriel is a wonderful, cheerful and an honestly caring person, something that is very rare, happening only occasionally in a lifetime.  THANK YOU MURIEL, FOR MY BEST HEALTH IN 40 YEARS.

Richard Wambeke
"I am a sixty five year old rancher in southern Alberta who has been diagnosed with arthritis in my left wrist joint. Associated with this condition I experience pain, weakness, swelling, and a reduced range of motion which restricts my ability to work or recreate as I am otherwise blessed with great health. Cortisone and lubrication injections into the joint as well as various topical medications offered little if any measured improvement.  Dr. Ron Young of Centre for Preventative Medicine suggested I try acupuncture and referred me to Ms. Muriel Okubo, B.Sc., MAOM, RAc. a professional with their team of people. She carefully assessed my condition and after the third treatment I experienced reduced swelling and an increase in strength and mobility in the joint. The positive response to acupuncture treatment enables me to pursue an active life style with reduced discomfort, thus greatly increasing my quality of life. I would recommend the professional treatment of Ms. Okubo to anyone seeking health and wellness. 

C. Buzzell
"Thank you for being so attentive and caring with respect to my health and wellness.  Your special skills are greatly appreciated and adored." 

V. Gillespie
"This is my first experience with acupuncture and it has been a positive one.  Muriel informed me as she went and I felt very comfortable and at ease with every treatment.  I sought out acupuncture for a pinched nerve in my upper back with nerve pain running down my back and left arm.  The treatments helped me to recover from this and as an added bonus the pain in my neck that I had for the past 2 years has gone away.  Arthritis in my lower spine has been relieved.  My overall general health is better than before I started acupuncture.  I have appreciated Muriel's help with my physical health, on the whole." 

J. Opdahl
"Muriel Okubo was referred to me by my family doctor.  I had been suffering from a stiff aching neck which had troubled me for about 2 years and also tendonitis in my shoulder which severely restricted full movement and participating in most sports and activities.  He suggested I make an appointment with Muriel for acupuncture treatments.  Having no experience with this form of therapy, and although initially skeptical (ignorant) of such practices, I respected his judgement and was eager to be healed so entered with an open mind.  The treatments were pleasant, painless and quite peaceful and Muriel was friendly, gentle and always professional.  I experienced improvement immediately from the very first appointment. And after just three short months the results from her therapy were nothing short of miraculous.  She had completely healed both conditions.  I am now able to resume full athletic activity absolutely no pain or restriction.  Thank You Muriel."

"Before the treatment, I was a bit skeptical.  I had tried the chiropractor and physio, but I still had chronic back pain.  After the treatment with Muriel my back had never felt better.  I would definitely recommend giving it a try to anyone."

​IRENE T      Jul 6, 2016
​Very Helpful. Dr. Muriel explains what she is going to do beforehand. Experienced positive changes after first treatment. She is very professional and truly cares about her patients. Money well spent.

Bryan W     May 26, 2016
Treatments work. Dr. Muriel seems to be able to understand and treat injuries very well in a pleasant environment. Well done.

Bryan W     Mar 8, 2016
Good results The experience was certainly not unpleasant and the results were very positive. I will certainly be back 

J.K.      Jan 15, 2016
Problem Solved. I have had an ongoing "pulled muscle" feel in the back of my leg, with the pain being very strong at times. I have tried a chiropractor and pain killers, all to no avail. Muriel has been able to free up the muscle and reduce the pain substantially. I am still getting treatment and fully expect that this issue will be going away completely. Don't wait, book your appointment today, you won't regret it.

D.S.      Dec 5, 2015
Wonderful. Muriel continues to provide thorough and wonderful treatments that give relief to all types of sore muscles and joints

Simon E     Dec 2, 2015
The level of knowledge and attentiveness of my host was amazing. Muriel taught me so much in such a short time, she's incredibly knowledgeable. She has an amazing cross-knowledge of traditional (Western medicine) physiologically based diagnosis as well as Eastern therapeutic techniques; I'm a skeptic at heart but was completely floored by Muriel's understanding of how my core affects the rest of my body. I can't recommend a visit here more, these folks are pros.

K.R.     Nov 13, 2015
Great Experience! Our family would definitely recommend Dr. Muriel Okubo! She is personable, knowledgeable, professional and it shows that she really cares about what she's doing for you and how you feel. So glad to have her as our Dr.!! 

Lydia C      Oct 15, 2015
Great experience. I was a first time client and would recommend Dr. Muriel Okubo to anyone. Very friendly and helpful. 

S.L.     Sep 19, 2015
Mind body & soul. Muriel is a skilled professional. I have been seeing her for almost two years. Each time I visit I leave better than I came. She never makes you feel rushed and always cares about your situation. She not only helps you physically...by knowing just what and where needs treatment, her kind and gentle demeanor is good for your soul. I would recommend Muriel to anyone...without hesitation. 

Pat McClelland     Aug 27, 2015
Pain free again! I have had 2 knee replacements and this summer (golf seson) experienced dreadful pain. One treatment from Dr. Muriel and today I played all 18 holes, pain free! She truly has a healing touch!

Janice F     Jun 19, 2015
Body Healer. I go to Muriel with my aches and pains, specially on lower back. I always feel so much better after. She always knows what areas to target for treatment. 

Philip     May 22, 2015
Amazing! Muriel is a true professional with an obvious talent on how to cure the human body. She is very mindful in her work and the results I have had shows because of it. Thank you!!!!

A.E.     May 2, 2015
Pain relief. Have had acupuncture before but this was much more thorough... Wonderful clinician.... Muriel is very nice, knowledgable and professional. Looking forward to my next visit.

Tina V     Mar 1, 2015
Shiatsu massage. Muriel is a wonderful therapist, always very calm and attentive. I have had both acupuncture and Shiatsu massage. I like the massage especially because it makes your whole body feel better. Muriel is also very knowledgeable, and gives good advice, about Chinese medicine.

Dusanka C     Jan 27, 2015
acupuncture. Muriel is great. She is so nice and she listens and explains everything. I am very happy that I went there .

Brad Levang     Dec 2, 2014
Thorough, Vast Knowledge, Kind, and above all Magic Hands. I have seen Dr. Okubo over a period of several years, and have found her services invaluable. She is thorough in vetting out your issues, suggests an array of possible causes and solutions, and can release muscles in spasm that very visit. I have gotten immediate relief on two occasions. She is so adept at tracking down muscle issues that it is akin to magic. She has a very comprehensive and holistic approach to overall health. I recommend Dr. Okubo without hesitation.

Ivan R     Nov 9, 2014
Amazing Doctor. I was beyond impressed with my experience at this doctor’s office. I was completely blown away by how helpful and kind Dr.Okubo was.She pays attention on what you have to say.World needs more doctors like her.I completely trust Dr.Okubo.She is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated.One of the best doctors i have ever met.

Kate Franks     Sep 28, 2014
A gifted healer. I have received accupuncture treatments from Dr. Okubo years ago and they relieved several issues, in particular chronic shoulder pain. Most recently, she is treating hip pain for which I should have sought help sooner. With just a single treatment, I am able to drive comfortably again. Stiffness and pain after sitting are also greatly reduced. She is an excellent healer with a wide range of strategies to offer.

Damian Willcox     May 11, 2014
Don't even hesitate, this doctor works wonders! Are you in pain? Do you like not being in pain? Then this is the place for you. I HIGHLY recommend Japan Acupuncture & Shiatsu - Muriel is a highly skilled, very friendly super professional that makes you feel right at home as she explains the techniques and treatments that will relieve your pain. Now quit reading this and book an appointment, you'll see what I mean.

Lina P     Apr 27, 2014
Wonderful. I totally trust and love seeing Muriel. She is so efficient and my treatments have all been great and I always feel so relaxed and pain free when I leave her office. I totally have and will continue to recommend Muriel.

H.C.     Jan 26, 2014
Always Great. All treatments have been great and this is the place I always recommend. I completely trust Muriel.

Cecilia A     Jan 23, 2014
Amazing Doctor and fantastic Shiatsu Massage. I was suffering migraines, and low back pain and taking pain killers,... since the first therapy I feel that finally I found a real DOCTOR. and she actually pay attention on what you have to say and she cares about you. I feel really confident and comfortable on her hands.

Kari B     Dec 19, 2013
Fabulous Acupuncture Doctor & Person. I suffered a terrible prescription drug reaction leaving my hands and feet numb; after a year of active therapy with Dr.Okubo I am now symptom free. Dr.Okubo is an Incredibly Bright Doctor that is also Very patient & kind. She listens intently to her patients concerns and provides appropriate treatment. I can't say enough Great things about my Acupuncture experience with Dr.Okubo. 

R.O.     Dec 17, 2013
Professional, Courteous, Genuine. Such great customer care and service! Always leave feeling great! Not one treatment is ever the same making it a new experience every time. Dr. Okubo is always so friendly. I have already told all of my friends and family to go visit her!

calgary     Sep 16, 2013
Awesome. Had great service and awesome experience. Almost feel asleep felt like I was in heaven and relieved pain and inflamation!!

Jennifer W     Aug 13, 2013
So Relaxing. Had the best experience. I fell asleep it was so relaxing. I saw immediate results after my first session and can't wait for my next appointment.

Alex M     Apr 8, 2013
easy to enjoy. Calm, relaxing and helpful to a shoulder carrying stress and lack of movement in my neck. Although some temporary discomfort right after the session, my neck moved much more freely after just one treatment. I will be booking another session with this professional, kind practitioner.

Luisa I     Mar 14, 2013
Excellent results. Her treatment shortened by recovery time by weeks.. doctors said 5 to 8 weeks before I could walk again on my badly sprained foot, but with 2 treatments I am walking with minor discomfort it has only been 4 weeks!!

S.R.     Feb 19, 2013
Dr Okubo. I began going to Muriel on the recommendation of a friend and have received the best, most effective treatments of my life. My muscles had started to stiffen up and my medical doctor couldn't figure out why. He put me on a series of drugs that were ineffective. After only two treatments Muriel had me moving better than I had in years! And that was only the beginning! I cannot express in mere words how wonderful not only the treatments but Muriel herself is.

S.L.     Jan 22, 2013
Acupuncture. Dr. Okubo was recommended to me by a friend. I am seeing her for the treatment of migraines and back pain. The freqency of migraines has been worse this winter and I decided I needed to try something other than medication. I had acupuncture 4 days ago and have been feeling better than I have in a very long time. 

P.M.     Jan 9, 2013
Relief for Aging Body. I have been seeing Dr. Okubo for almost a year now and I have obtained so much relief from my aches and pains that I will continue to see her on a regular basis to help keep this senior in "working" condition.

Chantel d     Jan 9, 2013
Amazing Care. I decided to try acupuncture to help with my severe cystic acne. With Muriel's assistance through acupuncture and herbs I finally felt like my acne was under control. I had to be consistant with my visits and diligent with my herbs but I noticed a dramatic difference in my inflammation, skin tone and overall feeling of wellbeing. Muriel makes me feel like more than just a patient. I feel her empathy and passion for my health every time I see her. I am so grateful for Muriel's hard work with me.

J.B.     Jan 9, 2013
First Visit - Incredible Impact My mother has been seeing Dr. Okubo for a number of months and encouraged me to go after a nagging elbow injury just wouldn't go away. Dr. Okubo was incredibly caring and explained everything that she would be doing and what I would experience as a result. I can't believe the relief that I got just after one treatment. I will continue to see Dr. Okubo and will recommend her to my friends.

Gary A     Dec 18, 2012
Health & Wellness. I have been receiving treatments from Dr. Okubo for a number of years and she has been very helpful in meeting my expectations and goals for health. In particular, her becoming a Non Smoker Package helped me to quit after 30 years of smoking 25 cigarettes a day. More recently she has helped me to cure or manage nagging acute aches and pains, from tendonitis to sports related muscle strains. I very much appreciate and recommend her treatments.

Lisa S     Nov 26, 2012
Acupuncture. I thought Dr Okubo was very thorough in her assessment and explanation and listening to all that I had to say about my condition. She was caring and gentle in her use of the needles and covered all areas that needed treatment. I would highly recommend her. 

J.R. 5     Nov 23, 2012
Best thing you'll ever do for yourself!! I started going to Muriel due to back and hip muscle issues. Nothing else seemed to work and this was suggested by my Dr. as a last resort. Not knowing what to expect, I booked an appointment and thought I would give it a try. It did take more than one visit, but my back and hip muscle issues are gone! Muriel makes you feel relaxed and it shows that she really cares about her patients. Go, you won't regret it.

M.O.     Oct 25, 2012
Qi Beauty Treatment. Not only does Dr. Okubo provide excellent care with acupuncture and shiatsu massage but she also does Qi Beauty treatments! This is the first time I have had a treatment like this and I must say that my face felt and looked great. It was relaxing and time well spent!

Christine C     Oct 1, 2012
It worked for me I began seeing Dr. Okubo for insomnia. I had been on sleeping pills for 2 years, and had stopped taking them. Out of desperation I thought I would try acupuncture. Within 6 visits my insomnia was no more. In addition Dr. Okubo has helped me with anxiety and is also my go-to person for any back pain. She is a wonderful practitioner, very knowledgeable and caring. Acupuncture has really worked for me and I love the fact that I can feel better without using medication.

Nicholas W     Sep 28, 2012
Japanese Acupuncture & Shiatsu. When my mom asked me if I wanted to try Acupuncture on my ankle which has been bugging me for weeks now I was afraid it was going to hurt. Dr Okubo was very nice and explained to me what she could do for me in a way that was easy to understand. My ankle that had been swollen when I got there was completely normal when I left. I look forward to going back. 

Susan Nelson     May 13, 2012
Japanese Acupuncture & Shiatsu. One's body pain maybe related not to that tendon or bone joint but to an inactivity or stagnation of Chi or qui flowing throughout your body. . Dr Okubo utilizes a more integrative medical treatments .

M.P.     Mar 22, 2012
Great Experience. I found Muriel kind, nowledgeable, caring and very easy to open up to. I have only had one session but can’t wait to go back. It is a very relaxing and comforting hour and I felt great after I left. 

B.P.     Nov 29, 2011
I feel so much better!! Once again Muriel has worked her magic. The difference in my attitude and health is quite remarkable. Part treatment and part therapy, I would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

L.I.     Nov 7, 2011
Reinforcing the reasons for going to Muriel ! Over the past 2 years I go see Muriel when the going gets tough! She is very caring, genuine and warm. She also knows her "stuff"! My last visit proved it once more: my shoulder had been very very tight and painful for about 2 weeks. In one session the pain is completely gone and hasn't come back one week after. I have recommended Muriel to many of my friends and family and will continue to do so. 

t.v.     Sep 30, 2011
All-round good experience Muriel is a very lovely, caring therapist. I have had 6 treatments now for lower-back pain and I feel a lot better already. I will definitely continue treatments and in addition I have received valuable advice about my posture, nutritional supplements, etc.



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