There are so many products out there and I am picky about what I recommend. Here are some products that I use. Follow the linkΒ to go to the specific product.



    If you are concerned about your flouride exposure, this toothpaste is actually healthy for you! This toothpaste has a healthy remineralizinging ingredient called nanohydroxyapatite which actually supports your teeth, enamel and prevents cavities. Get your whole family on this one! Made in Japan.


    Everyone knows that I love a good castor oil. This one is certified organic and is GMO-free. It is cold-pressed, hexane-free, and comes in a glass bottle.

    Castor oil is great for eyelash growth, brow growth, skin moisturizing and for topical heat compresses to increase circulation and promote deep healing.


    This is a great hair oil containing 30 different oils to penetrate the scalp and rejuvenate hair growth. Rub on areas that you wish to promote hair. Let it sit and work its magic.


    I am a fan of these quick dissolving sinus packets that you pour into your neti-pot. They are in the perfect concentration so as to avoid nasal irritation. I use to make my own but these are handy for travel and convenience. It isn't harsh and it is great for daily sinus cleansing. If you have allergies or a lot of congestion, these are a must have. The packets are pretty standard for all neti-pots.

    And if allergies are an issues, I highly recommend HistaEze, Quercetin & Nettles and NAC in the shop. Great for allergy relief and sinus inflammation.


    Over the years, I have recommended dry brushing to everyone! I like this one because it's close to the hand, as stick ones are a bit more challenging to get a good deep brushing on the skin. I like the control of this one. It's best to dry brush before bathing. It is amazing for varicose veins, exfoliating the skin, reducing cellulite and stimulates profound circulation of blood and lymph. Your skin will radiantly glow. Brush from the limbs toward the centre!


    If you have ever met me, I am a big fan of heat. I have treated ailments for years and heat is my go-to for speeding the rate of healing. This is a great portable heating pad that is just big enough and just small enough that you can put on your injuries and sore muscles. It is great for cramps and when you have the chills. The infrared heat has the ability to go many millimetres deeper (important) into the tissues than any other heat source and increase the rate of healing. Heat will increase your circulation and that's typically how we get rid of pain! Or you could order a TDP lamp which I have had many requests for too! haha


    This is a great exfoliating towel that is yep, made in japan. You can apply your soap on it and lather it up and wash your body. It is great for men and women. It will give you clean soft skin.


    This is one of my absolute favourite bath salts from Japan. It contains minerals from hot springs in Japan. It helps to relax and soothe the body, mind and spirit. Enjoy the amazing scents that allow for the ultimate bathing experience. If you are a bath lover, you will love this one. Open a packet and throw it in the tub while its filling.


    This one is made in japan and is fabulous. Sesame seeds can be grinded on all your meals! Sesame seeds (especially the black roasted ones) are great for anti-aging, helping support your kidney's and keeping your hair it's natural color without greying so fast. Also sesame seeds are great added fibre for keeping you regular and youthful. Made in Japan.


    This dark chocolate saved me in the thick of my detox. GABA is an amazing inhibitory neurotransmitter that helps to calm the brain and nervous system. It is great for relaxing and helpful for sleep. It isn't often that they can make good treats that actually work. This one is a hit and I often alternate this with my liposomal GABA with L-theanine in my shop.

    Made in Japan.


    I am usually a fan of the dark for its higher antioxidant benefits, but for you milk chocolate lovers, here is the one for you. GABA is great for calming the nervous system, reducing anxiety, and helps the brain to be less excited. One of my favourite finds while in Asia!

    I also have liposomal GABA with L-theanine in the shop which is nice for carrying around on-the-go.


    These charcoal sticks are great for placing in drinking water if you feel you might need some extra filtering. I am a big fan of using charcoal to detox the body from heavy metals and toxins. You can even place this in your rice before you start cooking it to collect any arsenic that may be inside.


    This is a great cypress cutting board from a reputable brand in Japan. It is high quality and preserves the edges of your knives. Choosing wood for your cutting board is important as to prevent plastic from getting into your foods. Great quality.


    I like this beginner level emf reader. I have this one and it excels at measuring magnetic frequencies. How is the wiring in your home? How about your appliances? Faulty wiring in the home can wreak havoc on your health. It is great to check the house and different places to ensure safe levels. If you are looking for a really accurate radiowave frequency meter, I will make another link for that one.


    I am a big fan of defender shield products. They are great for reducing the radiation that we are constantly exposed to through various radiowave frequencies. I have the iPhone case, a couple of beanies and some scarves. I have tested them with my emf reader and they clearly reduce the amount of radiation. Shield yourself with some great products!


    I'm a big fan of using incense to clear the air and quickly change the frequency of a space. Good aromas/ smells can help the body to to relax and reset. This incense holder is made in Japan and is beautiful, functional and high quality. I like how the base holds the intense to allow the ash to fall nicely. Enjoy! (Remember to use high quality incense with no toxins).