Collection: SUPERFOODS

There are certain foods that are so powerful for our bodies, but most of us aren't taking them on a regular basis. Enter superfoods! These high-quality products are great ways to easily incorporate vitality-promoting nutrition into your lifestyle. 

What you see below are some great supplements that actually prevent disease progression. Health really is a full-time obsession of mine and I can say these things are some of my favourites. Whole Body Collagen powder is one of my favorite things to add to my hot drinks. It is great for the skin, energy and joint health. Love that the collagen is from grass-fed cows in sweden. This makes everything taste a little more luxurious.

Paleoreds and Paleogreens first thing in the AM mixed with water before breakfast is so good for alkalyzing my body. I mix in collagen with all my drinks for skin health and joint health.

Immunitone has some great herbs & mushrooms- which are great for boosting energy and your immune system.

EGCg is derived from green tea and is amazing for deterring aging and inflammation.

Resveratrol is so important for cardiovascular and brain health.

Curcumin is known as an anti-cancer herb and is a powerhouse of a supplement for promoting better circulation!

BroccoProtect is awesome in supporting cellular detoxification and in reducing inflammation. A favourite among men for prostate issues (ps. consider dim too)

Consider this page...a disease fighting collection!