Collection: EYES

My favourite for supporting eye health includes paleoreds, Krill Oil, Taurine, Hi-Po Emulsi-A (vitamin A) and Vitamin E (Annatto-E).

Paleoreds has an immediate impact on the clarity of my vision which I love. It is fairly easy to take as you mix it with water or put it into a shake. 

Krill Oil has astaxanthin which is an essential nutrient and antioxidant for supporting the integrity of our eyes. It has crucial fatty acids: DHA and EPA which is necessary for our tissue and dry eyes.

Taurine helps with retinal health and it is brilliant for heart and brain health too.

Vitamin a is important for eye health and night vision and a deficiency is likely in eye-related issues.

Vitamin e is also beneficial and if you are concerned about cataracts it's a must. Vitamin e neutralizes oxidative damage and inflammation of the entire body.