Depending on what stage you are in your life and the demands of your life will dictate the nutritional support that you require. Vitamins and minerals are essential to add balance to your life. 

Twice Daily Multi is a great multi to support all ages. The feedback on this one is that it is super easy to take and people feel like it helps support a good diet.

Metabolic Synergy is a great if you need a little help with your blood sugar and want to ensure that you are absorbing your vitamins and minerals easily when you are feeling low energy.

Prenatal Pro is another favourite among patients. It is a must for any one wanting to get pregnant or is pregnant. It provides some foundational nutrition for the demands pregnancy. Don't forget to support yourself with CoQ10, NAC, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Sensitol, Krill Oil and Vitamin D)

Stress makes us require more vitamin C, vitamin B (B-Supreme & Liposomal Methyl-B12), Zinc, Vitamin E (Annatto-E), Emulsi D+K and higher nutrition in general. Be mindful of what you need.

Quinton Sea Mineral Liquid is one of my all-time favourite electrolytes. It has 78 minerals that will bathe your cells. You will notice a difference in energy, sleep and overall wellbeing.