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Wait! Why are you taking those supplements?

In this modern time, we all face stress.

They may come in many forms: environmental toxins/pollutants, personal relationships, disease, career/work, world events/news, financial and day-to-day living.

Our bodies, brains and spirits are placed under huge energetic demands. We are constantly having to adjust to our changing environment, so I believe that we must consume quality food and nutritional supplements to help support ourselves.

The whole point of taking supplements, medicinals and natural medicine is to support our health. They are just one part of the picture of optimizing our health. If you know me, you will know I believe there are so many more parts beyond this, but for this article, I will focus on the importance of successfully using natural medicine as part of our lifestyle.

Most people, when under stress tend to eat and sleep poorly. It is during these times that nutritional deficiencies tend to emerge or heighten. Even if we try to do things perfectly, that would not be possible. There will always be fluctuations in what our bodies need. Life truly is a fine balance.

Using natural medicines and supplements consistently will allow you to understand that everything has a unique inherent energy. You begin to relate to the products by how they make you feel. It is the nuances and intricacies of certain plants, minerals and ingredients that can shift, balance and revitalize our energy. 

Wherever you find yourself in your health and wellness journey, you can use supplements to supercharge your life. Some people take them to remain at peak levels while others take them to support them through their healing. They are pivotal to any detoxification protocol or any optimizing strategy. Often, we take supplements because they are a little piece of insurance. 

I like to ask good questions to evaluate my life and determine where I need more support. Have I been sleeping well? Have I been eating well? Have I been eating enough? How does my brain feel? How is my energy? How is my energy in the afternoon versus the morning? How are my bowel movements? How are my nails looking? How is the health of my hair and skin? How is the acuity of my vision? How do my joints feel? How are my exercise habits? Do I have a lot of energy during workouts? How well do I recover?

Questions such as these, are important to ask ourselves. Usually in practice, I can see where a patient has deficiencies by what they say, how they look, what they are communicating and their overall presentation.

Many¬†people have busy lives and lack the knowledge of what would better their health‚ÄĒ yet that is what we¬†need the most. Most people want to feel better and it takes some investigative work¬†to determine¬†what we¬†need to¬†achieve this. Optimization often involves¬†appreciating that we are holistic beings with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

It is important to correct our nutritional deficiencies to prevent disease, and also for the recovery of disease. We need to have good basic building blocks to have a good foundation of health. We live on a beautiful planet with miraculous substances, medicines and gifts at our fingertips. Medicinals and supplements taken mindfully and respectfully can change our chemistry and energy in powerful ways. 

Reducing stress is also a key component of our health. We need to understand what is causing us stress and how we can reduce our overall stress. There will be seasons and times when we can’t avoid what will come on our path, but we can arm ourselves with some great practices. 

Eat well, sleep well, meditate, go in nature, exercise, have good relationships, find joy in your day, get some sun and supplement! Keep it simple and intentional. Look for quality as all supplements are not created equal. You got this!

Keep following for more. See you in the next article.

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