Stressed & anxious? How much is too much?

Stressed & anxious? How much is too much?

None of us are strangers to stress. Sometimes we are faced with expected and unexpected challenges. The beauty and nature of life are to stretch and grow us.

Even the most benign things can cause us stress.

Organizing an event. Going on a date. Doing a presentation. Saying sorry when you have hurt someone. Taking that test. Buying that company. Catching that deadline. 

Sometimes our stress can get even more amplified.

The death of a loved one. The diagnosis of a severe illness or disease. The stress of an accident or injury. Having a drug reaction. Having toxic heavy metals. An environmental disaster. The responsibilities of taking care of others. Tending to a child that is sick. Divorce and breakups.

Whatever it is, there will be stress to push you to overcome, and often to push you outside your comfort zone.

Sometimes there are plenty of great stresses too. Exercise. The birth of a baby. Parties. Travelling. Weddings. Learning. Winning a competition. You name it.

Often stress is a natural byproduct of making change in our lives.

In recent news, we are learning more about the dangers of SSRI's and drugs that affect our brain. I am not an expert in those drugs but from a natural holistic approach, I would like to share some things that you can use in your arsenal when your balance is thrown off.

But first, let me explain what is happening to your body when it’s under stress.

The nervous system is a beautiful system but it can get overwhelmed.

We need both the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system to survive in this world.

The sympathetic nervous system is what kicks in when we find ourselves in dangerous situations such as that of being chased by a lion or needing to escape from a burning building. In the short term, this response is beneficial and necessary to help us get through a crisis.

Conversely, we need the parasympathetic nervous system to be active when we are need to digest our food, to rest and to detoxify. 

When we are under stress for a long time or when the regular stresses become overwhelming, we may get stuck in sympathetic dominance. We weren’t meant to feel like we are “lion food” every single moment of the day. This can lead to burn-out and exhaustion.

The nervous system is smart. It’s here to save our lives. But it craves balance.

There is something called the Hypothalamas-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis system that helps to regulate the stressors in our lives. This system involves many parts of the brain and also many hormone systems that affect our stress hormones, immune system, reproductive system, digestive system, and our sleep regulation. When this system is dyregulated, you can have issues in all areas of your health.

This is why stress affects everyone a little differently in the initial stages. In the advanced stages, we often see a myraid of health issues.

This isn't a fun place to be.

It can show up as severe and chronic fatigue, premature aging, poor sleep, infertility, reproductive issues, lowered immune system, hair loss, frequent illness, increased susceptibility to all disease, skin issues, weight problems, digestive disorders, increased pain and stiffness, poor recovery, depression and anxiety, extreme mood disorders and much more.

Prolonged dysfunction or severe inflammation can lead to cardiovascular disease, thyroid illness, diabetes, cancer, auto-immune issues and chronic illness.

Our bodies were made to rest after a stressor to restore balance and to regain vitality. When the body isn't able to return to this homeostasis, the stress can negatively affect the body-mind-spirit.

It’s time to check in with yourself.

How well do you bounce back to health after a stressor? Do you get sick? Do you get sick often? Do you have a chronic annoying situation that doesn't seem to improve? Do you feel like you are doing everything right but still not making sustainable change? Do you feel overwhelmed? Have you lost a sense of who you are? Are you unable to relax?

If you have been unwell, something isn't working and your body is struggling for balance.

I have compassion for everyone on this journey.

This is the greatest time in our history that we are being bombarded with so many toxins and chemicals in our air, food, water, drugs, clothing, environment and in most products we consume. We are being affected through the telecommunication system and the electrical grid system. There seems to be no shortage of malady every which way we turn.

We are finely tuned organisms and when we are out of tune, we struggle.

I want to give you some hope. Your body in its infinite wisdom and intelligence wants to support you through whatever you are experiencing. It is self-healing by design given the right fuel, tools and support.

We all understand intuitively that we are energetic beings. Food is energy. Air is energy. Water is energy. We put these things into our bodies and somehow we move, we talk, we live, we grow, we breathe. A baby starts off as a speck and grows into a little person. This is the power of  our "life-force" energy.

Energy is what we are made up of and what keeps us alive. If our energy isn't quite right, the whole system becomes imbalanced. Likewise, if the the energies around us or what we allow into our consciousness (mind-body-spirit) is not healthy, we will be affected.

It takes a huge amount of effort to keep ourselves “clean” from all the things that could potentially drive us out of our wholeness.

So, what’s the solution.

The key is to become your own best friend.

To understand that what you are feeling or experiencing is real. If you feel unwell, this is an opportunity to understand what makes you unwell. Taking inventory is important.

Sometimes, we let things go in one direction for too long and it can definitely be an uphill battle to change patterns. This is where we come back to our inner wisdom and listen.

I believe in the divine intelligence of our body-mind-spirit. I have never told anyone that healing or health is not for them. I don't decide those things. I have always envisioned health for everyone. We are amazing beings and I have witnessed it!

In the natural world, the possibilities are limitless and I am aware of this. No one should put limitations on anyone else in regards to your precious life.

There are landmines everywhere. You will often hear conflicting information and sometimes we do things ignorantly for years being told it is “healthy”. We must be as conscious as possible in regards to our health and wellbeing. 

Let’s be mindful and start with small changes.

Incorporating little power habits that can encourage and strengthen your life force. Figure out what works for you.

1. Meditate. Even a small amount helps. This can help tune out the noise and to help you find your heart. If you have to go to the bathroom and take a time out, go there.

2. Set intentions for what you plan to do. What do you want to feel or experience from that particular thing? Why are you doing what you are doing anyway? 

3. Have a nutritious breakfast. 

4. Cut out refined sugars, seed oils, dairy, coffee and alcohol.

5. Do 30 minutes of daily exercise. Enjoy doing something that makes you feel good in your body. 

6. Deep breathe. Any kind of deep breathing will help calm the nervous system. Box breathing is easy to do and easy to remember (choose the number you desire). 4 in, hold for 4, and release for 4. Another great one is 4 in, hold 2, out for 6. The out breath is essential for releasing and try to make sure you let everything go. 

7. Turn off the Wi-Fi connection in your home at night time. EMF radiation is disruptive to our sleep and affects the natural hormones in our body. Yep, keeping our natural frequency is important.

8. Consider these natural supplements:

a.) Liposomal GABA with L-theanine- pump 2 squirts under your tongue and hold for 60 seconds. GABA and l-theanine helps your brain to calm down during periods of anxiety and overwhelm. This is inhibitory to the excitatory neurotransmitter, glutamate in the brain. This is such a great support that can be taken any time of day and is super portable. A definite favourite of mine.

b.) Catecholacalm has ashwagandha, phosphatidyl-serine, taurine, valerian root, l-theanine, passionflower as well as many vitamins to round out an excellent formula to help with adrenal gland health. It great for people with burnout and those needing help balancing too much cortisol production. It may take 2 weeks before you notice an impact. This will help restore disrupted sleep patterns and hormone imbalance that are caused by HPA-Axis dysregulation.

c.) MitoPQQ with Rhodiola acts as an adaptogen for the body and helps you to withstand the stress that you are facing. It will slowly build up your strength and resilience.

d.) Phosphatidyl-Serine is great for helping balance cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is released in response to stress but overproduction can lead to severe mood changes, weight gain and progressive hormone issues. This one is also considered an essential for brain health and cognition.

e.) Neurocalm is favourite of mine if you want to incorporate some of the best nutrients into one bottle. This includes GABA, L-theanine, inositol, taurine, 5-HTP, several B vitamins and chamomile. This way you can ensure that you are getting a lot of support to balance your stress.

f) Vitamin D with K. This is a must have. It is so necessary for those living in colder climates and lacking sunshine. A deficiency is known to cause depression and anxiety. It also plays an important role in supporting immune health and healthy metabolism. If you are needing a high-potency Vitamin D and want to add more vitamin d, I highly recommend adding Hi-Po Emulsi-D, which has 2000IU per drop.

g) Magnesium Biglycinate is a great supplement especially because most of us lack this mineral in our regular day-to-day diet. If you ever have twitching, muscle cramps, sore stiff muscles and restlessness at night; you are likely deficient in this mineral. Help calm the stress in your body by adding this to your life. If you are anxious, take it during the day. If you want to rest better at night, take it 30min prior to your sleep. This form of magnesium comes in a powder form or capsule form.

h) Adrenal complex is a glandular-based product designed to support overall adrenal function. It is fortified with N-acetyltyrosine, vitamin C and a comprehensive spectrum of B vitamins. It is ideal for those under chronic stress due to its ability to balance cortisol and replenish catecholamines (dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine). This one contains cattle glandular.

Incorporating some good habits will remind you that you are safe and that you are managing the moment.

And if that’s just not doing it. Lie down on the ground and just let the earth bring you comfort to your body. Your breathing will naturally regulate in this position.

Just remember, every stress is a series of moments. Pause throughout the day. Be kind and compassionate with yourself.

If your best friend were having a rough day, what would you recommend they do? Do that for you.

Now take a deep breath, and I’ll see you in the next one!

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