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Quinton Isotonic Sea Water Minerals

Quinton Isotonic Sea Water Minerals

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Quinton Hypertonic is mineral rich sea water containing organo-complexed (100% bioavailable & predigested) minerals from plankton-rich harvesting locations.  The solution of 78 naturally occurring minerals, trace elements, and electrolytes rejuvenate the body & promote hydration.

Quinton Isotonic  is best when a person requires more relaxation, calm & gentle remineralization. 

  • Gentle daily detoxification
  • Better sleep
  • Cellular immune support
  • Relaxed nervous system & better brain function.
  • Protein synthesis & normal muscle function
  • Electrolyte balance & normal energy metabolism
  • Healthy bones & teeth

The isotonic comes in either glass tubules or in packets. 

This can be taken up to three times daily depending on your need.

Start with one tubule or packet in the morning on an empty stomach. Can be taken in a a glass of water or taken straight.

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