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Magnesium Glycinate Powder

Magnesium Glycinate Powder

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Magnesium Glycinate Powder

  • Highly absorbable and fast-acting
  • Great for stress and calming nervous system
  • Most people are deficient in magnesium and it is required for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. If you are deficient in this, it will cause an imbalance in many other nutrients.
  • This one is a hit before bed to help get better zzz's
  • Essential for muscle recovery and stiffness 

Contains highly absorbable magnesium chelate to support healthy magnesium status. This product is pleasant tasting with no added flavour and is sweetened only with stevia leaf powder.

It can be easily mixed in water or any other beverage. It provides 300 mg of magnesium in each 5-gram serving.

This product should not cause any of the gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms associated with magnesium supplementation due to the very stable chelate formed between two glycine molecules and each magnesium ion via a patented process.

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