Collection: WOMEN

Every women is unique in their concerns and their nutritional requirements will vary. No matter where a person falls on their cycle of no cycle will need a B supplement. It is essential for the nervous system.

Sensitol is great for women with PCOS or any other blood sugar imbalance. It contains Inositol which is also great for both men and women in general. It can help support hormone balance and regulating the nervous system. Hence, why it is helpful for sleep as well.

Berberine found in BerbEvail helps regulate blood sugar spikes andΒ enhances insulin sensitivity. Blood sugar balance is important for hormone health, mood, sleep, digestion and energy and fat metabolism.

Osteoben is great for women experiencing menopause and having night sweats and hotflashes. It is also supportive in preventing osteoporosis.

Prenatal Pro is another favourite among patients. It is a must for any one wanting to get pregnant or is pregnant.Β It provides some foundational nutrition for the demands pregnancy. Don't forget to support yourself with CoQ10, NAC, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Sensitol, Krill Oil and Vitamin D)