Collection: MUSCLES & JOINTS

Our muscles support our bones and are necessary for an agile body, mind and spirit. 

Longevity research shows that the greater our muscle mass and strength that we will live longer healthier lives.

Consider adding Whole Body Collagen to support health cross linkages and glycine for repair.

Magnesium is great for the muscle repair and necessary for promoting relaxation of the nervous system.

Inflammatone and Joint soothe are great for pain and reducing inflammation caused by any issue.

Digestzymes taken on an empty stomach is also great for reducing pain and inflammation in the body.

Curcum-Evail and Curcumin chews are awesome for moving blood circulation, stiffness, and promoting faster repair in the body.

B-Supreme and Liposomal B-12 are great for supporting muscle health and energy. I consider these essential for proper nutrition if you exercise.