Collection: GUT

Having a healthy gut is essential for overall health and wellbeing. Much of our hormone balance is established and maintained in the gut. Our brain health and immune health is also dependent on a good gut microbiome.

Restore your gut with ProbioMed (probiotics), colostrum and L-glutamine. Powerful immune boosters. Start with these if you don't know where to begin. These are essential.

If you have strong pain in the gut, Gastromend-HP is an essential to help restore a pain-free life. It may take a few bottles, but is powerful.

Betaine HCL is great for those individuals that don't produce enough acid in their stomach. It is best taken with meals and will help with digestion and bloating.

Digestzymes are great when you need help breaking down food because a lack of production of enzymes. Also slowing chewing your food and chewing well will help here too.

DGL Synergy is great for acid reflux and healing the esophagus when the sphincter has been affected by the constant acid.

Aloe/200X and GI Revive are great for the gut and intestines in inflammatory conditions. When the gut needs helps or has a chronic soreness. 

Floramyces is great for travel and when you might eat something that you aren't use to or when you have eaten something spoiled. Add a ProbioMed or Probiotic Supreme DF for getting your gut bacteria in balance.