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Hello everyone! Welcome! I’m brand new here and so excited to be here. I wanted to bring my articles from my website and grow a great community here. My previous article explains why I made the big move to Substack. I am so happy you found me. I have discovered my home in writing and wish to send you some inspiration with these articles.

First, I would like to do a mini introduction with my background and why I'm a health nut on a soul mission. Then I would like to share some details on what I am passionate about and what my primary focus is currently. If you enjoy what you read, please feel free to subscribe. I have lots of juicy things to share.

My true journey as a healer started at a very young age when my father was diagnosed with an aneurysm. An aneurysm is a weakening in the blood vessel wall (usually an artery)¬†which¬†can lead to a rupture causing internal hemorrhaging. The risk of a stroke or death is very high depending on the location.¬†My father was blessed with people that helped him;¬†angels doing their soul's calling. Through this divine grace,¬†his¬†willingness to ask for help, seek for answers, and act on what he was¬†called to do‚ÄĒ healing¬†was possible.

Experiences such as these have helped me to understand that we all have a larger purpose here. How can I use my energy to create a positive impact? What is pain and suffering and how do I alleviate it? What is the meaning of my existence? It made me search and dig for answers to these existential questions. My path to health, wholeness and longevity was laid before me.

As a practitioner for 15 years, I have witnessed a lot. It has been a privilege to be welcomed into people's lives. I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my knowledge and providing care to others. I found solace in knowing that I could help others through my work. 

This was my home for a long time; creating a nest for others to come into alignment. It is in rest, that we make the most profound gains. When one can step away from their routine and ongoing stresses, they allow space for discovery and truth. The real self emerges and alignment is natural. Most people struggle because they are not following their heart or they have some incongruency in their life. Some of it is unconscious and some of it is conscious. It was and is my goal to help people to be in their wholeness. 

I don't think that things happen by accident or coincidence. After my own experience¬†with the dangers of mercury, I¬†had to listen to what my soul was telling me to regain my alignment. I understand that life pulls us away from the direction we are going sometimes¬†and it isn't to hurt us or make us feel unworthy, but it is for the complete opposite reason. It is our soul tugging to open our eyes to discover how we keep¬†ourselves limited from the truth.¬†It is here to help us understand and remember our worth, our beauty, our rights. ‚ÄĒ the sacred whole beings that we are.

I take very little for granted. I am grateful that I grew up valuing health and natural medicine as it has been fundamental to my life and career path. It is the perspective I take in everything I do and has helped me a million times. I believe in due diligence in supporting my health to the best of my ability. I have an insatiable grit that allows me to search for ways to improve my body, mind and spirit. My spirit has sustained me through every low and darkness I have ever faced.

These days, this is what I ask myself. What will make me feel more like myself - the truest part of me? I would do a disservice to myself, my creator and my patients/clients if I demanded less of myself. In essence, I am bringing me back to my home and remembering who I am. Alignment is what life is about; aligning to my truth and thus to my most courageous and loving self. Following my heart has led to me writing again. I have always loved writing and it has been a passion of mine. It is one way that my soul speaks truth. The words come alive in me and I need to put them out into the universe to be shared.

In surrendering to our divinity, we free ourselves. Every moment is a surrender. The essence of who we are is love, health, wellness and joy. Life¬†isn't only about recognizing¬†the light places, but also about the¬†acknowledgement of¬†the dark places that we resist. How do we know what will free us if we don't know what keeps us tethered? What makes you feel alive? What brings you joy? We are changing beings and can listen to what our soul speaks to us now.¬†Becoming conscious is becoming aware of everything‚ÄĒ when your soul tells you to consider a different way, surrender to it. And in a gentle heart whisper...it will say "this way" and let it guide you.

I enjoy writing about this beautiful soul journey that we all share. When more of us are living from our hearts, we create more love and alignment in this world. With more love and truth, we naturally increase the vibration of the planet and transmute frequencies of fear. I have not seen a lovingly joyful person create more fear in their presence. It is nearly impossible. May you find truth and inspiration here. Your life matters. Follow the truth of your heart and your soul. Thank you for being here and I welcome you!

See you in the next article.  

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